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Referencia: CDFP34B
Marca: Fender
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The Fender Delay pedal delivers a full palette of time-delay and echo and effects that add new dimensions to your instrument’s sound. Its stereo outputs and controls ("feedback," "delay time" and "level") deliver enormous versatility, with an easy-to-see blue LED and electronic bypass footswitch. And the racing stripe adds cool beyond measure!
Input Impedance: 500 kOhm
Output Load Impedance: >10 kOhm
Equivalent Input Noise: -110dBm
Power Consumption: 11mA
Dimensions: 2-1/2"" W x 2-1/16"" H x 4-3/4"" L
Weight: 1.2 lb.
Powered by either a 9-volt battery or an AC adapter

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